Han City Fashion & Accessories Market


Han City Building

Located on Nanjing Xi Lu, Han City is only steps away from luxury brand giants like Gucci and Prada, as well as People’s Square, Shanghai’s bustling city center. The unassuming, office-like building blends in so much that I passed it while looking for the location. Though only four official floors of knock-offs appear to exist, many “high-end” fakes can be found hidden throughout the building’s upper levels which can only be accessed with a runner. I was taken through dark hallways and freight elevators to secret, makeshift shops within boiler rooms and stairwells. According to shop owners, Han City is the target of daily undercover stings led by the city police, causing sellers to be suspicious of too many questions.

Fake Product "Portfolio"
Han City Elevator
Legal Sign
Anti Counterfeit Banner
Han City Entrance